My Obligatory New Years Post!

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hey there,

I’ve never really been one for New Years. I usually watch the ball drop and stuff, but I only tune in to watch during the last 2 minutes. For me it’s just another day, but more numbers on the calendar change than normal. So in turn, I’ve never been one for ‘resolutions’ either. I’m not sure I ever really made one before 2 years ago. It has been only recently, and due to training, that I have started making ‘goals’ at the beginning of the year. Now I have nothing against ‘goals’ in general. Having a goal ahead of you can be greatly beneficial and motivating. My general resistance to resolutions came more from a lack of enthusiasm about New Years, rather than hating on the resolutions or goals themselves. Anyway. As I’ve looked back on my ‘goals’ from this past year, once again I realized that I didn’t make them. When I said this to Le Boyfriend, his immediate reaction was ‘maybe you’re setting goals out of your reach’ and this may be true, but I am a realistic person, and not one to set myself up for failure. So I countered with ‘Or, I was on track with them, until relapse(s) hit, twice. That sorta, kinda knocked me off course a bit’. I’ve known this fact for quite some time now, so it wasn’t a crushing realization. I’m on track until the summer-ish, when my symptoms and MS starts reallllly acting up and being a pest, huge pain in the ass, something that derails my (our) entire life in that moment. This has been history, which has repeated itself for the past 2 years. So this year I am going to switch it up in terms of goals/resolutions. Instead of making specific goals, I am just going to be. I am going to be me, do me, the best way I know how in any given moment. Now, that isn’t me being lazy, or having any lack of direction. Sure, there are things I want to accomplish this year. I’m just not going to give myself a numbered list of lists and numbers to live and die by.

I guess you could call them general hopes for 2015? Lets go with that, shall we?

I hope to improve myself, my understanding of myself and how I interact with my world around me. I have done a lot of work on this one throughout this past year already, my mindset and how I react to situations has shifted considerably. I subscribe to Neghar Fonooni’s blog, and she often writes about mindset (and fitness). Her posts have helped me to consider new perspectives about life and have changed how I think/interact with my world for the better.

I hope to improve my relationship with my body. Having MS often feels as though there is a war going on inside me, bad cells vs. good cells, neutral ones caught in between. Usually my emotion behind all this warring is negative, because it makes me feel negative. Either pain, numbness or keeps me from activities I know I can do. But this is my body, the only one I have. I got (we all got) dealt a shit hand. But why not try enjoy it a bit? Molly Galbraith, another blogger I follow, did a whole month on Love Your Body last year. I couldn’t finish it because I was right in the middle of a relapse, and really angry at my body. But I’ll try it again this year.

I hope to improve my overall health. This can be with the food I eat, the ways I train or the medication I chose to put into my body. I will be continuing to eat Paleo, and try to keep it a little better. I want to try and make a few of my own recipes (and hopefully post them here too!) I am looking forward to experimenting in the kitchen, and having Le Boyfriend along to help. I am also looking forward to new training this year. My sister (maybe Le Boyfriend?) will be starting CrossFit in a few weeks, I am super excited! But I am getting an itch to try something new for the long term goals.

Those are my general hopes for 2015. I know 2015 may have many exciting things in store for me. Some I have in mind and wish to plan out, some I won’t get the chance to before it happens. But hopefully I’ll be ready and waiting with open arms for whatever it is.

Happy New Year Ya’ll

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  1. I love making New Year’s Resolutions goals each year– only to find them mostly unmet come December. So, I, too, am hoping to make 2015 different. Definitely looking to improve my health. Good luck to you!
    XOXO Jess

  2. I love making New Year’s Resolutions goals each year– only to find them mostly unmet come December. So, I, too, am hoping to make 2015 different. Definitely looking to improve my health. Good luck to you!
    XOXO Jess

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